Sound Asleep Branded Pillow Cases Project

Customer project spotlight today features the work of documentary maker Nadaav Soudry who is working on a short film designed to increase awareness around insomnia. Here’s what Nadaav had to say about the transfer paper from Photo Paper Direct.

‘We made branded pillow slips, night caps and vests with the logo and title of our short film, Sound Asleep, for the MASSIVE Trafalgar square pillow fight that we arranged last Saturday with 1800 people. We also branded some of them with Ready, Teddy and Go for the start of the pillow fight. We arranged this whole event to create an audience for Sound Asleep – a short film we will be crowd funding for shortly. People can donate, get involved, buy rewards and even arrange to win a role in the film at PS it’s a great product’.

Below are a few images sent to us by Nadaav and a short YouTube video featuring the event.

If you are a photographer, a budding new business, craft maker or just a creative person who is interested to show off your work, you can do so on our blog and also receive full credit of your work. Just get in touch with us.

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