Overview of Inkjet Paper Types

Inkjet PaperBoth photo paper and inkjet paper terms can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the industry. Often the differences between the two are left vague, the definition of each term is unclear and finally what to look for in a quality paper is completely ignored.The problem starts with the description of different papers used by different sellers. Many papers in the market may carry the term Inkjet paper just because they are suitable for Inkjet printers, however there is a difference at the end result and not all papers are equal. To make some sense of it all, let’s look at the various types of Inkjet paper.

Normal Paper –  Also refereed to as Bond paper, Copy paper, Printer paper etc. and varies between 70gsm to 120gsm in wpaper weight. This type of paper is a normal paper which can be used on laser printer, copiers and as well on inkjet papers. The use of this paper on inkjet paper is for document printing only or simple graphics. Attempts to print photographic or complex graphic images will result in very poor print quality. This paper is not coated and made of pulp normally mixed with some chemicals and polymers to provide the whiteness (bleach) and stability.

Inkjet Matt Coated Paper –  This type of paper is normally available in 90gsm to 210gsm in weight. It has a chalky coating on one side or both sides (in double sided paper case). This coating is an inkjet receiving layer to take the inkjet droplets and keep it crisp and well defined. The results when using coated paper may vary between manufacturers as some tend to put a thinner coating layer (around 5gsm), where others may use more.  Results using the thinner coated layer are better compared to normal paper, but do not produce a good colour definition. The richer coated paper is normally 10gsm and in this case it provides a relatively good quality print to a photo quality, but still not as good as photo paper which will be addressing in the next blog post. The usage of this paper is normally for presentations, graphs, brochures, mix of graphics and texts etc. when a good colour definition is required, it is essential to use the high end coating of 10gsm. Coated type paper is the second cheapest after the normal paper.

On our next post we will dive into the shiny world of Photo Paper where we will discover it highs and lows, the good and the better and offer information on quality and technologies.

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