Home Decoration Tips Using Your Own Printer

The development in home printer technology over the last few years has allowed users to print images onto various materials, some of which are perfect for cost effective home improvement and decoration projects. Even the most basic printer can print on diverse surfaces and the availability of compatible inks makes printing more affordable than ever.

So how can you use your printer for home decoration?

Custom Decorate Your Bathroom Tiles – The vast majority of bathroom tiles are vacant of any unique design. It is possible to uplift this area by introducing custom-made tile designs. Printers are able to print on a type of paper called vinyl sticker that you can adhere to various surfaces including tiles. Start by creating your preferred design using your home computer. Print the design on the vinyl paper and apply onto the tiles. To improve the waterproof properties of the vinyl, cover it with a fixative spray. The sticker will stay in place despite the humid and damp conditions due to the use of a fixative spray.

Custom Decorate Your Curtains – If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on expensive curtains, you can make a real attractive design on your own. Simply purchase light colour plain curtains and use your printer to print on transfer paper. The paper will release the design onto the curtain’s fabric when you iron it on. Traditionally used to transfer designs onto t-shirts, it can equally be used on light colour blinds, sofa pillows and living room decorative pillows. Simply prepare a design using any type of word processing software and print your work on a light or dark transfer paper. Use a domestic iron to transfer the design to the fabric of choice. It is that simple.

Create Decorative Candles – Candles are often used to set a certain homely and cozy atmosphere. Large size candles, like the ones that really standout in your interior cost quite a bit and often very limited in their patterns. You can create your own design and apply it on to the candle using a type of printer paper called tattoo paper. Simply purchase plain white candles of a suitable size. Next, prepare a design using any word processing or image editing software (many are free nowadays) and print on the tattoo paper. Used traditionally for applying onto skin, it can easily accommodate candles, Easter eggs and many other solid items.

There you have it, three ideas to decorate your home using your own imagination, your printer and affordable papers.

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