Guide To HP Photo Papers

If your heart is set on using HP photo paper (probably because you have an HP printer) you will soon come cross various types and variations. It is only natural that choosing the best one may seem daunting at first. HP offers different series of photo papers and it is not always clear which one will perform best to meet your expectations.  In this guide we aim to cover your various considerations and highlight the differences between the series.

Size Of HP Photo Papers

Your first consideration is choosing the most accurate size for your desired print area. Of course you can always purchase a slightly bigger size and trim or cut any excess, though you would be wasting money as in most cases, the bigger the paper is the more it will cost. In addition, if you bought a size too small, well you won’t be able to use it all together. The most popular sizes are 6×4” (similar to 10cm x 15cm) that are the normal photo album size. Next are the 7×5” (similar to 13cm x 18cm) and A4 size which is also the print area limit for most home printers. The next size up is A3 and A3+, which require a special A3 printer as the size will equal and even exceed 2 sheets of A4 side to side.

Finish Of HP Photo Papers

Photo papers are available in three common finishes. These are Matt, Glossy and Semi-Gloss. Matt been the least shiny and Gloss the most with Semi-Gloss (often referred to as satin finish in other brands) offering a balance between the two. It is important to purchase the correct finish as changing the finish once printed is possible (using fixative spray), but only as a last resort.

Types Of HP Photo Papers

There are several ranges or series that are meant to cater for different users. Each will yield high quality prints, though the difference will often be noticeable with time as shelf life of the print varies.

  • HP Everyday – These are made from recycled materials and offer fantastic value for money. As you can safely gather from their descriptive name, these sheets are designed for everyday normal use where longevity (aka shelf life) of the print does not play a major part in the buying process. Its eco friendly heritage makes it a favourite choice with those who prefer to print on recycled materials.
  • HP Premium – These are simply the best that HP has to offer for the domestic user who wishes to retain a long shelf life and for the professional user who does not wish to compromise on results. Important longevity properties of the premium range include smudge-free technology, instant dry coating and water resistance.


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