How To Design Wedding Invitations On Your Own

Giving your wedding a personal touch is something most wedding planners strive to reach. It often involves seeking products and services such as wedding stationery that are uncommon and therefore very unique to your event.

One such service involves creating and producing your own invitation wedding cards with your personal and custom made design, a very powerful message. This DIY style is particularly suitable for special weddings such as golden weddings, small weddings (also as a means to reduce costs) or as another set of invitations cards given to special members such as close family and friends.

How To Design Wedding Invitations On Your Own:

Suitable paper – The most important part of the process is obtaining a suitable paper on which to print on. The paper needs to feel luxurious and thick so a suitable card has to exceed 280g in weight and of course be compatible with your home brand of printer technology.

The most common home printer is an Inkjet printer and therefore an Inkjet card must be used. The size of the printed media is also essential to get right. Most invitations cards are of an A5 size (half the size of an A4 sheet) and obtaining this size will save you having to cut a bigger sheet.  Also the smaller the paper is, the more affordable it gets.

You may also consider a special textured feel in contrary to the normal smooth feel of most papers. These Inkjet cards use a cotton mix to give the paper a slight textured feel when held.

Design – The design of the card is where your imagination comes into play and there is no right or wrong. It can include image, text and of course the two together. You do not need expensive design software, as document-editing software such as MS word will work just fine. Simply edit the page to meet the required size such as A4 or A5 and add your wedding invitation text.

Printing process – Needless to say that a dedicated wedding invitation card is more expensive compared to your run of the mill printer paper therefore you should aim to reduce waste and avoid mistakes. A good tip is to print the design first on a normal printer paper before using the more expensive invitation paper. It will allow you to check the design and ensure it meets your expectations.

Once the card is printed, simply place in an envelope and that is it. Another great way to make your wedding stationery standout is using transfer paper to create custom made place holders or dinner napkins that can include a photo of the couple. All these and other ideas simply require a working home printer and some imagination.

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  1. Ruelle Smith says:

    I always wanted to design invitation regardless of the event but I have never been too good on designing, seems like it doesn’t like me. But thanks for this post, I will definitely continue trying!

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