Personalised Iron On Transfers Types and Options

Iron on transfers allows you to personalise a large range of fabrics including but not limited to t-shirts with your own design thereby ensuring that you wear and present your unique design and message. Personalised iron on transfers are used for a wide range of occasions from preparing t-shirts for a stag or hen night to promotional designs that you can wear to industry fairs in order to promote your service or business.

The entire process merely requires a suitable transfer paper, a standard Inkjet printer and a working domestic iron, making it suitable for almost anyone that is willing to invest a few minutes in personalising their message or express their creativity.

Types Of Transfer Papers:

There are two types of paper that each suits a different shade of fabric. The most common is the transfer for light colour fabric from pastel colours to cream yellow and white. In case of dark or black fabric, a transfer paper for dark t-shirt should be used to transfer the design, otherwise there is a real possibility that the image or text will not show for a simple reason. Inkjet printer’s inks are translucent so if it lays on a dark background the dark colour bleeds through the print so the print almost disappears. For this reason the transfer paper for dark garment has an opaque layer that sets on the fabric and the print is then transferred over this material.

Design Options:

Your ‘artwork’ can be as simple as a block of text or image. Preparing the artwork is done using a number of software including MS Word, which most people will have installed on their computer. Prior to printing on the paper, be sure to reverse the text, or mirror image on the printer driver, a common mistakes that makes the print look unreadable from the front. Again this can be achieved with most images editing programs or even basic word editing such as MS word and its alternatives and the printer’s actual driver in some cases.

How To:

Using the paper is extremely easy and suitable for those without prior experience. We have a complete guide on how to use iron on transfers, which you should become familiar with.  In a nutshell, the process includes:

  • Preparing the artwork making sure to reverse the text when using light sheets
  • Printing the design onto a normal non-coated printer paper to ensure that the design meets your requirement
  • Printing the design onto the transfer paper using your normal printer ink
  • Using a domestic iron, ‘moving’ your message (image / text) to the fabric of choice

Personalised iron on transfers is easy to make and can produce results that you will struggle to find ‘ready-made’.

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