What Is Image Transfer Paper

The progress in Inkjet printer technology in recent years has allowed printer owners to use their printer in a far more creative manner. This includes the use of image transfer paper that allows the transfer of an image, text or both onto a wide range of textiles. Perhaps mostly widely known as t shirt transfer paper, the image can be transferred onto a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, polyester to name just a few as well as non fabric surfaces.

The transfer paper that is used has a special coating that can accommodate ink (normal printer inks are fine) and using heat from a domestic iron or heat press machine, the design can applied onto a number of suitable surfaces of light or dark complexion using light transfer or dark transfer paper. These include fabrics (t shirts, baby aprons, pillow cases) as well as wood, mugs (using tattoo paper), candles (using tattoo paper), and many other surfaces provided that the surface can handle the heat generated by the iron during the transfer process.

The process of using the image transfer paper is simple. You need to create a design or use any image or photo using your own computer. If the design includes text then it is essential that you print in reverse and set your printer to flip horizontal, T shirt paper, or mirror mode, otherwise the text will appear backwards. If the design includes only an image, than either mirror mode or normal mode will do the job. You will find these settings under the printer’s properties options and you are well advised to print a test page on normal paper before using the more expensive transfer paper to ensure that the settings were saved. The most important part of the application process is to apply pressure, of sufficient heat and enough time during the transfer process. Using the right level of heat, for long enough is the most important part in ensuring durability of the transfer on the surface.

Here’s A Step-By-Step Tutorial On Using The Paper:

Maintaining The Transfer:

As you saw in the video, applying the design onto the surface in the correct manner is essential to ensure long lasting results. Additionally, if the transfer is applied onto a hard surface such as wood, mugs (tattoo paper) etc you can guarantee its durability by using a fixative spray that will coat the surface in a transparent layer that will effectively shield the surface from wear and tear, UV lights, water and so on. If the image was transferred onto a fabric surface, how you wash the fabric will play an important part in its durability and we have put together a short video explaining this.

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