Using Fixative Spray With Temporary Tattoo Paper

Video Transcription

Today we are going to talk about the fixative spray that we have here.  We have it on the website as well obviously.  It comes in matt, gloss or satin and it has a whole wide range of applications.  There are actually sold as canvas fixatives but we’ll show you some other applications that you can use with them.  We’re also going to take the opportunity and talk about the tattoo paper or the craft paper that we do.  And I’m going to put some images on three different colour mugs and also I’ll take the opportunity to show you what, how it comes out on a dark mug, on a creamy colour mug and on a white mug.

So we’ve done one already, we’ve seen this before, you’ve seen this application before, it’s a tattoo paper, its printed normally on any inkjet printer.  You print on the multi mirror mode, start peeling it off; it’s a really thin fine sticker that takes a little bit of patience and care to use.  I’m going to go quiet quickly with this because I don’t want to keep you but if you’re a little bit skilled and a little bit patient and you have a little bit more time, you’ll get the best results you can with this.  So it comes off as a label, take as much care as you can with this, slowly transferring it, sticking it on the mug in this case, but it will go onto candles, it will go onto a whole range of surfaces and also suitable to make skin tattoos.

So here’s our logo, a colourful image on a creamy mug comes out quiet clear and sharp.  This is the same paper, the tattoo paper for inkjet printers.  Also we’re refer it to as the craft paper.  We’re printed it normally not in mirror mode, just peel it off and take your time, it’s a very-very thin sticker designed to show as little as possible on the mug or any surface once you transfer it.  When you get a little expert on it you can do it quiet quickly.  So we have printed our logo or any image, it can be a photograph, it can be text onto the tattoo paper and stuck it on three different mugs.  You can see the difference in the general white, it’s nearly as it was on the paper, put it on a creamy mug the colour’s changed a little bit but still looks very good.  If you print it onto a dark surface or a dark mug, it’s hardly visible and that’s a characteristic of all inkjet printing, you don’t have light ink in your printer.

Now to protect this, we have the spray, spray although initially designed for canvas applications, from plastic, for protecting this sort of product or mugs in this case works really on any surface that you decide to print.

Okay, so now we’ve printed the mug with the tattoo paper printed on an inkjet printer, we have to protect it to make it a little bit more durable, we’re going to spray it.  We have the fixative sprays which are essentially a varnish, a solvent based varnish designed for protecting ink, inkjet prints on canvas, paper, mugs, pretty much any surface.  I’ll choose the glossy one because it matches the surface of the mug as much as we can.  We’ll move these to one side for a minute.  I’ve shaken it for quiet a long time before we started filming, so you’d want a good minute shaking.  About 50 centimetres.  Just to give it a uniform finish all the way around, and its done.  It dries in ten minutes and we’ll show you what it looks like.

You can do a similar finish, similar thing.  I’ll show you what a satin, or you know what lets try the matt.  So this is another mug that we’ve printed before.  I’m going to spray it with a matt finish, same thing, we’ve shaken it quiet a lot before we started and you can see that it’s finished in gloss, the mug is glossy, the paper is matt and we’ll make the whole mug… that dries in ten minutes and if you want to give it even more durability we recommend you give it a couple of coats.  And then you can use this mug regularly not quiet dishwasher safe but can be washed and can be used.  It might be a nice memento for somebody or even advertising something or putting a logo on a mug or any other surface, your ideas are unlimited.  We’ve just showed you how to do it on a mug on this occasion.

Remember this was a glossy mug, you can still see the gloss finish on the inside.  We’ve sprayed it with a matt fixative to match the image that we’ve printed using the tattoo paper, so the tattoo paper is suitable for putting tattoos onto skin but also has a very wide range of applications, for mugs for example, or you can put it on candles, you can put it pretty much on any surface, and your imagination is, the uses are only limited by your imagination.  If there is a surface that you can stick something on this is a very good product.  Remember the surface has to be a light or white coloured, anything dark the image will not show.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video. It seems like a good way to keep your temporary tattoo for quite a long time. Nice post.

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