Protecting Fine Art Paper Using Fixative Spray

Video Transcription

Another application of the fixative spray and this time we’re going to use an image printed on our 315 and 100% cotton fine art paper.  Its ideal for art reproductions such as this water colours, works really-really well with photographs as well.  I don’t know if the camera can pick this up but I’ve sprayed half of this with a gloss spray on what originally was a matt paper.  There is a slight sheen, this actually looks a lot better to the naked eye, but have a look at this, if I take one wet wipe, just an ordinary cleanee wipe.  Its already very stale but you can see I rubbed off the corner and it starts coming off already.  Imagine if this is a work, an expensive picture or something of sentimental value, if it’s framed, exposed without a glass in front of it, with time cleaning it and handling it, this will start happening.

This is the side I’ve sprayed before and as you can see very-very robust, very stable it’s just not coming off.  I’ll carry on speaking if you want.  The colour and the paint, the print is protected by the fixative spray.  I’m cleaning it and cleaning it, this probably represents years of rubbing, because something that hangs on the wall gets dusty occasionally the cleaner will come spray it, nothing will happen to it.

UV stability, there’s a UV block in the spray designed for inkjet applications protecting your prints, solvent-based fixative as a lacquer works in a fantastic way to protect an expensive print for many years.

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