Inkjet Fixative Spray Put To The Test

Video Transcript

Here is a couple of canvases that we printed before, this is my niece Ella.  We going to spray one of them with a Inkjet fixative.  This is the actual, original design for this product.  Really expensive canvas that you are going to either cherish or you’ve charged your customers a lot of money for is going to be hung, exposed on a wall needs to be cleaned occasionally.  If you are carrying out cleaning it without protection with time you will rub the colour away.  The fixative spray will give the canvas protection against years of handling and cleaning and of course will enhance its UV stability, there is a UV block in this as well.

This is a matt printed canvas, we will use a matt spray, we won’t change the effect, we pull this away in one side.  I will spray this one and this we will keep for as an experiment in a moment and just the same as the mug, about 30 centimeters away, we’ll start spraying, we will start spraying off the canvas.  We will go the other way as well.  Spray it liberally, 10 minutes to dry, and then we’ll show you what it does.

So having waited long enough for this canvas to dry, remember we sprayed this with a Matt fixative also available as a Satin, which would have changed the appearance of the finish to Satin, also available as a, as a glossy finish.  You can change your matt which to glossy, on this occasion we remained true to the original finish.  We spread this one, this is another one that we printed also but haven’t protected.  I am just going to take one of these wipes here, now I will show you exactly what we did with the, with the previous image, fine rub this and exaggerating years of cleaning and dusting and really some, you wouldn’t have to treat an image, a canvas print in that way, but just to show you what, how strong this, this fixative is.  You can see that the ink is coming onto the cloth that I am using and if this is something, a cherished image, somebody, something that you put on a wall and want to stay on the wall for many, many years, this is a really good product to use.  This is quite a lot of ink that comes onto the fabric with if you do it long enough, you will rub it all off, in fact I don’t think the camera can pick it up, quite a lot of loss.  And represent years of cleaning and dusting, an image which has been possibly framed without glass in front of it.

This is the same image and I will, now I will use the new detergent wipe, we’ve sprayed this with a varnish, with a matte fixative, totally clean, totally protected, this is safe to clean and dust and even make into or mistaken, if you spray something on it, you can see that no ink has come on, coming on to the fabric, the image is totally protected by this fixative varnish spray.  And with the additional benefit of a UV block that will prevent it fading for many, many years, presented on a wall.

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