Making Photo Christmas Cards Using Inkjet Greeting Card Paper

Using the high resolution Inkjet Glossy and Matt papers, these pre-scored greeting cards allow the creation of personalised greeting cards at home, using an ordinary inkjet printer and ordinary inks.

Video Transcript:

We’re talking now about our greeting cards. Now that Christmas is coming up
and for any other occasions, this is a fantastic idea to send greeting
cards and thank you cards, any folding cards for whatever occasion you
might think of. These can be personalised with your image, your ideas. You
don’t have to buy anything off the shelf, anything ready. You can do
whatever your imagination takes you to.

Let me show you what this is. Inside the pack you have flat sheets of paper
with a score. They’re pre-scored. So when you fold them, they fold very,
very accurately into a greeting card shape. They can be stood on the side
of a mantelpiece or as an A-frame. These are 260g glossy on one side
and matte on the other. The glossy side can take a high resolution image, a
photograph, art reproduction, really anything that you want to put on it.
On the inside you can write or print your messages. You can either write it
by hand or print it on your printer. This is intended for domestic
printers, ordinary inkjet printers, nothing special about them. Any inkjet
printer that you have is more than likely to be able to use this paper
with. It also comes in 300g greeting cards and we’ll show you that in a moment.

But have a look. These are just very, very quick ideas of a greeting card.
On one side we’ve put an art reproduction. If you’re an artist and you want
to sell greeting cards with your art on it or if this is a crafts situation
where you’ve got some pictures and you want to sell greeting cards, you can
put that on one side. If this is something that you’re sending that you
want to send to a grandparent or relative with a picture of a child, you
can do that as well. On the inside, either by hand, and this is just very
basic ideas, you can print a message, use Word art, or put another image
inside, write by hand, do both. The possibilities are endless.

Now with Christmas coming up, this is a fantastic idea to put maybe a
family photograph on one side so people know exactly where it comes from.
It also give them a memento of you and your family, or something seasonal,
something special, something that people might want to buy because it’s
unusual, it’s not something that they can get at the shops.

So this is the 260 gram greeting card available in A4 folding into A5, also
A5, which is that size, folding in half into A6. It’s also available in 300
grams, slightly heavier, stiffer quality. That’s very, very similar with a
very similar finish, but a little bit heavier.

So greeting cards personalised with your image, with your ideas, with your
personal messages, totally unique and special to you.

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