What Is Fine Art Paper

Fine Art Paper is designed for high value and high sentimental value printing of art reproductions, photographs and similar images.

Video Transcript:

So today we’re talking about our photo fine art paper, the 315g photo art
paper. It comes in just very simple plastic packaging like every other
product that we do.

This is a really special paper. It’s 100% cotton, acid free. It means it
will never ever yellow. Images that you print on this paper will be very,
very durable for many, many years. It’s archival quality, used by
professionals to print any type of artistic imagery, whether photographic
or art reproductions. It will take any ink, both the UV DURABrite and the
Ultrachrome from Epson, as well as the K3 inks and the UV inks from HP.

What we’re going to do, to give you an example of what this does and what
the effect is, this is a print that we’ve printed on our 280g photo
glossy paper
, the polyethylene coated professional grade 280g glossy,
and we’re going to print the same image onto this paper and show you what
effects we can get.

So this is an amazing paper. Look what we’ve done here. I’ve gone to the
park. I’ve taken some silly snapshots. I don’t claim to be any fantastic
photographer. I just used an ordinary camera, took a snapshot. With the 315g acid free art paper, there’s a black and white version. There’s a
sepia version. Just like that, at home, without any expertise, without any
knowledge about photography, without any training. Anybody can do that with
a domestic printer.

If you’re a professional, of course you have different things you do with
it. This can be an artistic photo album, a retro effect photo album, sepia
photographs, either reproductions or trying to take a modern photograph and
make it look a little bit older. There’s a whole range of applications on
this acid free, durable fine art paper.

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