Two Sided Photo Paper Types and Common Usages


Photo paper and printer technology have come a long way in the last 10-years. Not only can you print stunning high-quality photos in your own home, new two-sided photo papers allow you to create other kinds of printed materials including brochures, calendars, photo albums, flyers and zine.

However, selecting the appropriate two sided photo paper for your project can sometimes be difficult. There are dozens of types of paper with different weights, coatings and finishes. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose the right paper for your project.

Brochures and Zine

To obtain the best results, brochures should be printed on a light/medium thickness, two-sided photo paper that in matt or pearl. The design and content of your brochure will determine which thickness and finish you should go for. The ideal two sided photo papers for printing brochures include:

inkjet-brochure-paper-130g_1PPD A4 Inkjet Ultra Smooth Brochure Paper Double Sided 130g

Ultra smooth double sided 130g photo paper with a matt finish.  Perfect for a wide variety of applications, with a high-resolution professional coating that is very versatile. Use matt paper on brochures where you want a soft, modern look.  It looks great on designs that have soft shadows.  Perfect for brochures that you think will be passed around a lot. Use for giveaways and menus.


Design an eye-catching first page that makes it clear what the brochure is about. Try out a number of fonts to get the most visual impact and size heading appropriately. Allow for bleed by expanding your design slightly beyond the edges of where you will cut and think about how the pamphlet will be folded.

Inkjet Brochure Paper Satin Double Sided 120g

Comes in A4 and A3, a soft satin finish like a fancy luxurious magazine and can be printed both sides and then binded.

Photo Albums

When printing your own photo albums, it is important to use a very thick double sided paper, which prevents ink from bleeding through to the other side.  A thick photo paper also gives your photo album a feeling of permanence and quality.  The best two sided photo papers for creating a photo album are:

290g_duo_satin_pearl_a4A4 Pearl Photo Paper 290g Lustre Duo Double Sided Super Premium

A lovely two-sided resin coated paper with a professional Lustre finish.  This paper is particularly adept at reproducing skin tones, making it useful for wedding photos, beauty photography, family portraits in colours or black and white for the artistic look or your last exotic journey.  It has a water resistant micro/nano porous Polyethylene coating that dries very quickly and outstanding colour reproduction.  Suitable for use with any inkjet printer.


Use headings throughout the album and get creative with backgrounds. Think about themes for the entire photo album and for each section within the photo album. Play with the alignment of photos to make the album more interesting. Only use high resolution photos above 300 pixels per inch. For economical albums where longevity isn’t paramount the Photo Paper Double Sided Matt Heavy Weight 210g can be used too.


Printing calendars can be a great way to promote your business.  Custom-made calendars also make a great gift for your family and friends.  Like photo albums, calendars should be printed on thicker double sided photo paper such as:

a4-double-sided-photo-paper-matt-210gPPD A4 Photo Paper Double Sided Matt Heavy Weight 210g and PPD A3 Photo Paper Double Sided Matt 210g

Beautiful matt papers which excel at printing high-definition images with brilliant sharp colours.  These double sided photo papers are fingerprint-resistant, high-quality, quick drying, work with any inkjet printer and offer great value-for-money. Can be use as well as a brochure or presentation paper where a thicker substance is required.

PPD A4 Pearl Photo Paper 290g Lustre Duo Double Sided Super Premium and PPD A3 Pearl Photo Paper 290g Lustre Duo Double Sided Super Premium

These premium double sided photo papers have a super porous surface that dries instantly, a professional lustre surface, superb image quality, outstanding colour reproduction and a water-resistant, polyethylene coating on both sides for longevity.

In addition to calendars, these thicker PPD two sided photo papers are all perfect for —  creating presentations, catalogues, business reports and school assignments.


Find an interesting design style or theme for the calendar. Keep it highly-functional so people get a lot of use out of it and leave it hanging all year. Be picky about the images you use — only go for the best high-resolution images in your collection. If you are designing a calendar for a business, use images of your products or staff when possible. Don’t be afraid to make your calendar funny!


Colour fliers can be a very useful way to promote your business.  Typically, they should be printed on one sided, light-weight photo paper like the 120g satin double sided or the smooth matt 130g double sided.  The lighter paper helps reduce postage and printing costs — useful if you are creating hundreds or thousands of flyers.

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