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Choosing the correct photo paper to suit your inkjet printer can sometimes be a complex decision. There are dozens of options to choose from and using the incorrect paper can lead to problems including printer-feeding issues, inaccurate colours, smudging inks, poor image quality and a long drying time. Photographs printed on the wrong paper may also deteriorate very quickly.

Thankfully, Photo Paper Direct have made the choice simple with our premium-quality universal photo paper.   Universal photo paper can be used with any inkjet printer and consistently delivers great results. The premium 280g microporous and premium 200g satin photo papers are universal and capable of working with any inkjet printer on the market, giving you plenty of options for your next printing session.

Our premium universal photo paper makes it simple to produce high-quality and long-lasting prints that look as good as professionally developed photographs. Prints created using our premium photo paper also have decades of indoor permanence, giving you the certainty that your photographs will look great for many years.

The quality of images printed on our premium universal paper is absolutely fantastic. The paper has an outstanding colour gamut-sub colour tones, with high level of contrast, vivid colours and rich dark tones.

PPD premium photo paper is very versatile and will look great when used for any kind of image — artistic photos, portraits, landscapes, logos, infographics and sporting photos.   The versatility of this photo paper makes it ideal for a wide range of printing tasks including photo enlargements, posters, fine art reproductions, signs and presentation images.

The best part about Photo Paper Direct’s universal photo paper is that it offers a great value-for-money alternative to printer-branded photo paper. Instead of spending large sums on photo paper from manufacturers like HP, Epson or Canon, you can enjoy our high-quality photo paper for a attractive price. We are committed to consistently delivering great value-for-money and work directly with European manufacturers to produce this premium product for a low price.

Our universal photo paper has a micro/nano porous coating which absorbs ink rapidly and dries instantly, making it perfect for use in a busy office environment or when you are working to a deadline. PPD universal photo paper is a premium product which has a number of advantages over standard photo paper including:

  • Water resistant coating
  • Polyethylene Coating on both sides ensures stability and longevity
  • Better colour definition than cast coated paper
  • Improved depth and clarity to images
  • Fingerprint resistance especially on the satin and pearl finish
  • Improved productivity thanks to fast drying times
  • Looks fantastic with either pigment inks or dye inks

Photo Paper Direct universal photo paper works with any inkjet printer including printers made by Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak and Lexmark. To purchase our premium universal photo paper, simply choose our premium 280g microporous and premium 200g satin and gloss products.

About Photo Paper Direct

We are the leading suppliers of inkjet photo paper in the United Kingdom. Our reputation has been established by consistently providing excellent customer service and high-quality products at a great price. We are committed to provided customers with the best inkjet photo paper so they can produce beautiful images to share with their work colleagues, customers, friends and family.

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