Step By Step To Making Your Own Custom Greeting Cards

Inkjet Printable Greeting Cards

Here is my step by step guide to making your own custom greeting cards at home :-

1-   In the Photo Paper Direct online shop we sell blank printable greeting cards in various pack sizes, either with or without envelopes. The A4 blank card is pre-scored so that it easily folds into an A5 size greeting card once printed.

There are 3 different thicknesses/finishes of card to choose from 210g matt printable greeting cards, glossy 260g cards and premium quality glossy 270g blank greeting cards.

2-   To design the image to be used on the front of the card you can use an online photo-editing website such as to add text/effects to a photo that you upload or you can use a browser-based graphic design program such as to design a free image for your card using their free card templates and clipart.

In this step by step guide, I chose to use the free card creator on canva to design the cards. The ‘Happy Birthday Mum’ card was made by directly editing a free design template they have, the ‘Merry Christmas’ design was made by adding clipart to a background and then finishing it off with some text and finally the ‘Thanks So Much’ card was created by taking a blank poster document in canva and adding a border, text and clipart.

Card Design Stage

3-   Once you have finished designing each image you need to download it to your computer. Now that you have saved your card front design you need to import it into a blank word document and align it so that it will print out correctly onto your greeting card blanks.  I printed the Birthday and Christmas cards as landscape and the Thank You card as portrait. I reduced the margin sizes on the blank documents to the minimum and then divided the blank page into two columns.  I then inserted my chosen image / photo into one of the columns so that it would print out correctly onto the front of my card.

There are lots of different websites and programs you can use to make your cards but please note that the instructions on how to align your card images will vary depending on which program you are using. If in any doubt, search the internet and you will be sure to find some advice.

Inkjet Card Settings

4-   When you are ready to print your finished card you will need to do a test print on plain paper to make sure that your design prints out in the correct place on your blank card. If you are happy with how the image has been printed then you need to set your printer settings to glossy / best photo print with a high dpi (instructions will be found in your pack of card) and then print it out onto the gloss or matt greeting card blanks. Before you click Print make sure to double check that you have inserted your card into the printer so that the glossy/ matt side will be printed on.

5-   Optional stage – Once your custom card has finished printing it can be can be re-inserted into the printer so you can print a personal message inside the greeting card. Before printing the text onto the actual card I would advise you to do a test print on plain paper to make sure the text prints as expected. Alternatively you could write a message by hand in the card, which is always a nice touch.

The cards you see here were printed on the following types of card :-

Birthday Card – 270g premium glossy

Christmas Card – 260g glossy

Thank You Card – 210g matt

You will be very impressed with the quality of the custom cards that you’ve created and you should be more than happy to give these cards to friends or family to celebrate a special occasion.

Inkjet Printable Greeting Cards

With our printable greeting cards you can also make Wedding Invitations, Baptism cards, Birth Announcement cards, Congratulations cards and so much more besides. The design on the front of the card could either be a photo you have taken on your camera or an image you have created on your computer. The only limitation is your imagination 🙂

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