A Guide To Printing Premium Photo Papers

Premium photo papers are the more expensive, professional range of papers available on our site. Compared to normal coated papers the base paper of this range is technologically advanced and is normally pre coated with Polyethylene to give it longevity and stability.

The premium range allows you to print high quality images which will remain in their high quality condition for many years. Unlike ordinary based paper, premium also means you get fantastic colour definition, increased vibrancy, natural skin tones and a wide colour gamut.  Premium papers are particularly suitable for portrait photography, high resolution B&W and artistic photography and similar applications.

Premium photo papers are also compatible with most water based inks, both dye and pigment based.

A Guide To Printing Premium Photo Papers – Basic Instruction:

●    Print on the coated side – The coated side may have a glossy, satin, pearl or matt finish.
●    Print in minimum 1440dpi – Set your printer to the highest resolution available.
●    Check ink levels – Printing premium papers will likely use a significant amount of ink.
●    Test – Before printing on the more expensive paper, use a plain printer paper to test the likely outcome.
●    Feed the paper and double check – Ensure that the paper is fed in the correct manner, so the you will be printing on the coated side. If the ink will not dry or runs, you likely to have printed on the wrong side.

A Guide To Printing Premium Photo Papers – Printer Specific:

Set your printer to the following settings based on the printer’s brand. If your printer can be set to accommodate various profiles, use this option. Photo Paper Direct premium photo papers are available with printer specific profile upon request.

Epson® Printers:

●    Media Type – Epson Ultra Glossy or Premium Semigloss Photo Paper
●    Print Quality – Photo or Best Photo
●    Color Control – Epson Vivid

Canon® Printers:

●    Media Type – Photo Paper Plus Glossy
●    Print Quality – High
●    Color Control – Auto

HP® Printers:

●    Media Type – HP Advanced Photo Paper
●    Print Quality – Best
●    Color Control – ColorSmart/sRGB or defaults

Lexmark® & Dell®:

●    Media Type – Glossy Photo Paper

Dedicated Profiles

We have a limited range of profiles for printers, specifically set up for our paper.  When you place an order, send us a short email stating the product you bought and the printer model you own.  We will send you a profile free of charge as an email attachment (subject to availability).

If you have any further tips on printing photo papers, leave your comment below.

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16 Responses to A Guide To Printing Premium Photo Papers

  1. John Wheeler says:

    Thank you for sending me your Satin/Pearl printing paper.
    I have an Epson 1500W Printer(A3) Could you please tell me the settings etc to use to obtain the maximum quality finish on your paper please.I use Photoshop CS6-8,16,32 BIT.

    Thanking you,
    yours sincerely.

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Hi, Please visit the product page on the site. Each product contains a downloadable PDF with printing instructions. Thank you.

  2. Andy Teasdal says:

    Hi there. Can you please send me a printer profile for use on you 260g Inkjet greeting cards paper with an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 with Epson inks? Many thanks in advance, Andy Teasdale.

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Regrettably there is no profile available for this paper. The back of the printed insert included with the pack has general set up instructions which will give you good results with this paper and printer combination.

  3. I’m using the A4 Photo Paper Double Sided Matt Heavy Weight 210g , can you tell me the setting to use for an HP Officejet Pro 6830 e-All-in-One please. If I use other photo papers it comes out far too dark … I can’t find the instructions on your site,sorry!

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Hi, Please use:

      Media Type – HP Premium Paper
      Print Quality – Normal or Best
      Colour Control – ColourSmart/sRGB or defaults

      Thank you.

  4. Ed says:

    Do you have a specific ICC profile for A4 Satin Photo Paper Pearl Premium 280g using a Canon Pixma Pro 1?

    I’m interested in using it for Soft Proofing in Lightroom.

  5. I Jones says:

    Hi Joseph,
    After many years of using a canon pixma 5200 I have had to upgrade to a canon TS 8050 printer. I was getting bright vibrant results using your 260g Glossy photo paper with the old printer but the ones from the new one look dark and slightly dull. Have you got recommended settings for this printer?

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      On the back of the printed insert included with the paper there resetting instructions which should give you the best possible results with your printer. The 260g is a cast coated paper which gives good results but is not a professional grade paper and if you cannot get the vibrancy required, you should move to the 280gsm which is a real photo base paper and that will work better with your printer.

  6. douglas burgess says:

    using an Epson r2880 printer with your “photo paper canvas gloss”.
    can you send me a profile?
    can I use an Epson paper profile?

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Hi Douglas, There is no profile available for this product but the back of the printed insert included with the pack of paper has general set up instructions which will give you the best results with your printer and paper combination.

  7. Geoff Wolfe says:

    We have been using your 260gsm photo paper with die inks for the last year or so and getting excellent results. We have now invested in a second photo printer that uses a pigment ink set (Epson P800) and the prints look flat and a little blotchy with this same paper. We have the settings on Premium Glossy and Epson Vivid as recommended.

    Do you have a specific profile we could use, or is this paper just not suitable for pigment inks? Any advice would be gratefully received.

  8. Gary Rowe says:

    Purchased Photo Double Sided Brochure paper 130gsm and for an Epson printer (I have an SC-P800) it says to use the following settings:
    a) ‘Epson Matte’ as the media type: Driver offers ‘Presentation Paper Matte’ or ‘Ultra Premium Presentation Matte’ … which of these options is the one you mean?

    b) ‘Epson Vivid’ as the mode: but my P800 doesn’t have that as an available mode! What should I select fusing the latest Epson driver?

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Good Day, We do not have the exact information about every driver on the Epson range and these are rough guidelines to indicate the quality of print that the paper can handle and the type of paper that is suitable for selection when setting this paper up to print. In general terms, the coated paper types are suitable and when these are selected then you can print at the maximum available resolution or quality for this paper type. Thank you.

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