Design Your Own Babygrow Using Transfer Paper

A customised Babygrow makes a lovely present for the special little one in your life. Plain Babygrows are cheap and serve as the perfect canvas for your cute (and funny) images and messages. Here’s a really easy way to customise a Babygrow using Photo Paper Direct Transfer Paper.

You will need:

  • A plain white Babygrow
  • A sheet of Photo Paper Direct Transfer Paper for Light T-Shirts
  • Inkjet printer
  • An iron (at least 1400 watts)
  • A flat wooden surface for ironing
  • Silicon fixing paper (This comes with your pack of Photo Paper Direct Transfer Paper.)

Our easy step-by-step guide:

First, choose an image for your Babygrow. You can design your own and upload it to your computer, or find plenty of images online for free. I’m using my own design for this tutorial, which I scanned and uploaded to Photoshop.

Edit your image and check that the dimensions are right for your Babygrow. If you’re using some text to go with your image, make sure to flip the text  horizontally. You can do this easily in an image editing program such as Photoshop. If you’re using MS Word, just set your text in WordArt and choose ‘Flip horizontal’ from the ‘Rotate’ options.

You can print your design once you’re completely happy with it. I would recommend doing a test print on plain paper first, just to make sure that it is the right size for your Babygrow. You can then print your design on your sheet of transfer paper, making sure to print on the plain side of the paper, and not the reverse one with the grid.

Cut around your printed design, leaving a little space (around 3-4 mm) around the edges.

Now you’re ready to transfer your design to your Babygrow! Make sure to follow the instructions for this part carefully so you can make a perfect image transfer. First, get a flat wooden surface ready to do your ironing on. You can use a chopping board or a tabletop as long as it’s flat and heat-resistant. Don’t use an ironing board because the foam and mesh in the ironing board makes it too soft and uneven, which could give dismal results. You can wrap a piece of fabric (a pillowcase or a T-shirt will do) around your wooden board to cushion it a bit.

Heat up your iron to the highest setting and make sure to turn the steam off. Your iron should be 1600w and up.
Lay your Babygrow on the wooden board, making sure to get rid of any creases. You’ll need it to be as flat as possible to ensure a clean image transfer.

Put your image on top of the Babygrow, printed side down. (This is why reversing your text is essential.)

Start ironing the paper, using a small circular motion to press every area of the image down. You’ll need to apply firm and constant pressure with your iron to push the image right into the fabric of the Babygrow. Iron for about  90 seconds. (Ironing time depends on the size of the image: 3 minutes for A4, 90 seconds for A5 and 45 seconds for A6 images.)

Depending on the finish you want for your Babygrow, you can either peel off the paper straight away or wait until it has cooled down. Peeling it off while hot will leave you with a matt finish; doing it after the paper has cooled down will give you a glossy finish. In this case, I peeled off the paper while it was still hot as I wanted a matt finish for the Babygrow, which will make it more durable enough to withstand heavy washes.

You now have your printed Babygrow. There’s just one more step to ensure that your image won’t fade or rub off when you wash your Babygrow. You’ll need your silicon fixing paper for this step (comes with the Photo Paper Direct transfer paper, but can be purchases separately here)

Heat up your iron using the same settings as before. Once it’s ready, put the silicon sheet over your printed image and iron it, making sure once again that you press every little bit of the surface thoroughly.

Take off the silicon sheet and voila, you now have your very own customised Babygrow! Don’t throw away your silicon paper as it is reusable, and make sure to wait at least 24 hours before you wash your Babygrow.



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