Inkjet Fixative Varnish Spray Available From Today

To complement our range of inkjet media, we are now offering a range of fixative spray in three finishes. The fixative spray is applied to the exposed printed image and provides a layer of protection to shield your work from the elements. The fixative spray can be used with the following products:

  • Inkjet Creative Stickers (vinyl self adhesive)
  • Inkjet Canvas
  • Inkjet Photo papers
  • Inkjet Photo Art and Fine Art paper

Its main features are:

●    Enhances the water resistance of Vinyl
●    Improves UV resistance, improving image longevity
●    Prevents the ink from smudging on the printed media
●    Allows you to change the print finish to gloss/satin/matt depends on the spray chosen
●    Makes the print  more resistant to scratches and mechanical movement across it
●    Enhances the appearance of the film in one of three finishes (glossy, matt or satin)
●    Fast drying lacquer

This is a quick and versatile solution to improve the robustness of inkjet printed media.  Inkjet being essentially a water based technology has some limitation as to its ability to withstand directly applied moisture and mechanical movement.  Domestic printers often use inks which are not UV stable and this spray also is very good in prolonging the life of an image printed using non UV inks.

Available in the following finishes:

Inkjet Canvas Fixative Varnish Spray Matt 300ml
Inkjet Fixative Varnish Spray Satin 300ml
Inkjet Fixative Varnish Spray Glossy 300ml

Watch the video review:

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  1. Elisabeth Parker says:

    Hi Aron
    Just wanted to let you know that the matt magnetic photo paper I bought on Monday has worked a treat. I now have a WW1 sonnet in fridge magnet form with which students can do cloze and sequencing exercises. And it didn’t destroy my HP2210 printer as I feared! I think it would be worth you linking up with teaching resources websites such as TES Connect and Teachit because this does have many educational applications, especially for one to one tutors. Good luck!

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