The Difference Between Gloss Matt and Clear Inkjet Vinyl

In recent years, the use of printable vinyl sheets has grown significantly, which also brought about an influx of questions from new users. One of the more common questions we get revolves around the difference between the glossy, matt and clear Inkjet vinyl.

What Is Inkjet Vinyl Self Adhesive?

These are inkjet printer compatible vinyl or film (in the case of the clear option) with a sticky back.  The printable surface area can be printed with any Inkjet printer, while the sticky back makes it possible to apply the print to many smooth non-porous surfaces such as glass. You can print text, graphics and photos on the printable area at maximum DPI.  Common uses include car sticker, window sticker, even model airplanes and trains, the list is long.

What Is The Difference Between The Three?

The most obvious difference is the appearance of the print, whether glossy, matt or neutral in the case of the clear option. Beyond the finish, the most significant difference is the water resistant properties of the vinyl. Both the glossy and matt options are water resistant and instant dry, while the clear vinyl is also instant dry, but is not water resistant in any way.

Can The Vinyl Be Made Waterproof?

The Glossy and Matt Self Adhesive vinyl can be made waterproof to defend the image against liquid damage and UV light by applying a layer of fixative spray. The spray is designed specifically for use with Inkjet prints and will not affect the print.

The Clear Self Adhesive film cannot be made water proof and is suitable for internal use only.

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