Acrylic Block Photo Frames Review

Video Transcript:

Okay this is a brand new product we have with Photo Paper Direct, these are photo frames, the glass block ones and they are, we think they are amazing, really versatile, all you need to do is print an image, for example this is a 4×6 borderless on a 260 gram satin, but you know gloss will work, matt paper will work as long as it’s a nice high resolution image, you take one of these blocks, they come blank, put the image on it and there’s a little clever magnet and there it is ready to go on a mantel piece, on the side of a bed side cabinet, give it to grandma, keep a selection of them around the house and they are so easy to use, we’ll do, this one is 7×5.  Again take off the back, put in the image, back goes on, done, quite stable.  You go to a professional photographer you will pay a lot of money for these, they are not very expensive on our website, if you don’t have that size paper, no problem, you take the same image, you can print it on an A4 sheet if you have some A4 paper lying around, I know it’s a waste but you know sometimes if you have paper lying around no point buying a whole packet of the right size paper, just print it, set your printer to print a 13×18 or a 7×5 which is that or a 4×6 also known as a 10×15 centimeters, 4×6 inches, and the metal plate with a magnet, done.

So these are our photo block frames and they can stand portrait or landscape, comes in 4×6, 7×5, the same as 10×15 centimeters and 13×18.

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