How Glossy Photo Papers Are Measured

Despite what you might think, glossy photo papers are not merely measured by their weight. In fact, they are measured by the following attributes:

Colour gamut – The colour definition and the spread of visible sub colours.

Whiteness of the paper – The white surface comes in 3 different hues:

  • Blue – Appears whiter than the others, though can have a lower rate of white, some will prefer this shade as the image will come out sharper and more vibrant.
  • Pink- A pink hue on the paper which may distort the image a little.
  • Yellow – this shade may appear less white than the blue yet may be with a higher grade of whiteness. Many prefer this shade as it provides a calmer more truthful image.

Glossiness of the paper – The level of the gloss. When papers are described as glossy photo papers, you will find some that are glossier than others. If you desire a full gloss, it is important to know that there are marked differences in the various papers in their glossiness. After the gloss paper comes the pearl and the satin papers. These are purposely finished with a lower glare to give a softer sheen to the finished image. The pearl paper has a higher glossiness compared to the satin.  The different papers are chosen according to taste and the requirements of the final product.

For thickness and weight attributes –  see previous post overview of Inkjet papers.

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