How To Use Magnetic Printable Paper

The Inkjet Magnetic Paper, a relatively new product is a truly fantastic product for many print applications. It can be used for creating marketing promotion messages, home decoration and craft purposes, to name just a few applications. The A4 magnetic paper comes in a glossy or matt finish which adds that special desired finish to the design.

The back of each sheet is magnetic so you can easily affix the sheet to a fridge, a door and other metal objects. Because the A4 paper can be cut down to any size using scissors or rotary cutter knife on a cutting board, you are able to fit many designs on one sheet thereby printing cost effectively.

Creating the Design:

  • Using your home or office Inkjet printer, the design can include images, text and of course both
  • If you have special software to create printable designs use it, otherwise any word processor such as MS office can be used
  • Once you are happy with the design, print a test page using normal paper. Should you be unhappy with the results and require further changes, you will have used an ordinary 5p piece of paper rather than a more expensive one
  • Insert the paper to the printer tray (see further information below) and print the design
  • If the paper has room for more designs and you are considering feeding it again, do no cut it at this stage

How To Print:

  • Print on the matt / glossy white side
  • Always use the highest resolution available (minimum 1440dp)
  • Ensure that you print on the correct side
  • Leave to dry after printing for few minutes, before touching the print
  • After printing you can cut it to make small fridge magnets using scissors

Inkjet magnetic paper, truly a versatile product!

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18 Responses to How To Use Magnetic Printable Paper

  1. Mike Wilson says:

    My Epson Stylus Photo R240 won’t accept magnetic paper. It seems as though this paper is too thick to pass through the receiving rollers even though it’s set on ‘envelope.’ Is there a further setting I can use? I’m positive I’ve used this paper before and can’t understand why it is being refused.

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Different paper settings on printers do not adjust the feeding mechanism and are only concerned with the level of ink and printing profiles. It is unlikely that the magnet is too thick for the printer, but could be that the printer is not accepting the product due to feeding rollers being worn or because of the magnetic properties.

      Apart from trying to push the paper gently into the printer at the time that the printer is attempting to pick the paper from the feeding tray, there are no other actions that can be taken. Regrettably, it either works or it does not.

  2. dennis smith says:

    the magnet printer paper do I put the magnet side facing up or face in down dark side up or down

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Hi, Depending on your printer. You need to print on the white side so place it in a way that when it reaches the printing heads, the white side will be facing the ink.

  3. Kim keefe says:

    Is there a product for laser printers?

  4. Jean says:

    Please what printers can be used to.print magnetic.ohoto paper?

  5. Kevin Smith says:

    Is the magnetic paper waterproof? As this sign I intend to use out side

  6. ray adams says:

    Hi, will magnetic paper safely print in my hp3630 printer?.I’ve never used it before. Thanks

    • Joseph Eitan says:

      Hi Ray, Yes. This paper works with any Inkjet printer, including hp3630. Thank you.

    • Ajay Meeraiya says:


      Is there any way to magnetize the printed side. I want to print a map onto magnetic paper and then place other magnets on the map to move around as required. The magnetized side would only need to be strong enough to hold small, light magnets on a horizontal surface ie, a table.

      • Joseph Eitan says:

        We do not know of a way to magnetise the printed area. It is probably not possible as this is a paper covering on which the inkjet coating is applied.

      • CpCaveman says:

        You could print the map on A4 sticky paper and attach it to a metal sheet and use the magnetic paper to make the magnets you want to stick to the map

        • Joseph Eitan says:

          These will indeed adhere to metal surfaces. Simply print on the magnetic sheet, trim unprinted areas and fix to the metal.

  7. ADLUN says:

    Is the magnet paper waterproof?

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